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Picking Up Trash



All financial contributions are deeply appreciated whether you can afford to give $1 or $100. General
membership dues help pay for equipment necessary for maintenance and repairs, events and programming,
as well as permitting costs. Budgetary spending is disclosed annually.


Executive Members must attend at least 75% of Friends of Carpenter Green Park Meetings, participate in a minimum of 25% of officially scheduled park clean ups (or contribute 7 hours of service to the park or organization)


As a general member of CGP, you will receive a small token of our appreciation and be the first to know about all upcoming park events.


As an executive member of Carpenter Green Park, you will receive the same benefits as general membership plus be able to vote on new board members and budgetary decisions.

Other sponsorship opportunities:

Acorn Sponsorship $25 With your $25 donation, you will receive a copy of Evergreens: A Neighborhood History, by Andrew Dalzeil. Evergreens tells the narrative history of the neighborhood's development starting around William Penn's arrival in 1682 through the present. The book also features an inventory of the neighborhood's historic assets (existing and demolished), census data and the derivation of neighborhood street names.

Sassafrass Sponsorship $250 Make your mark on a permanent piece of Carpenter Green. A $250 donation will get you a brick paver ready for your custom text. Honor a loved one, thank a friend, and let the whole neighborhood know that your family helped create Carpenter Green

Pine Sponsorship $1000 Ever want to own your own tree? Well, you can't own mother nature, but you can let the world know that your generous donation helped plant a tree in CGP with a tree plaque. Be the envy of every aborist and the hero of every overheated neighbor.

Oak Sponsorship $2500 Trees, check. Grass, check. Shrubbery (ni, ni, ni!), check. Well, this is embarassing, but it seems that we are in arrears on places to place your rears. For your generous donation of $2500, you can make sure that we have plenty of seating at our park

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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